Academy of Small Business Owners - Jayne Chudley & John Borland

About Us

Jayne Chudley

Jayne Chudley

Hi, I’m Jayne Chudley and I’ve been running small businesses for over twenty years.

In that time, I have had my fair share of success and failure, ups and downs and I’ve gathered a wealth of practical knowledge and experience about what it takes to run a thriving small business.

Nine years ago, alongside John, I established Fluent Coaching and grew it from nothing to an annual turnover of over £600,000.

I’m an avid student of business and am constantly trying to learn and grow my understanding of the day-to-day running of small businesses. I’m passionate about helping small businesses thrive and believe that so much of that depends upon the business owner to grow and develop themselves.

John Borland

Hi, I’m John Borland and I set up my first small business over ten years ago.

Along with Jayne, I’m the co-owner of Fluent Coaching and we’ve spent the past nine years developing and growing that business in a way that works for us.

I’m an Accredited Master Coach and spent most of my time working with people to help them develop.  In my younger years, I didn’t have much interest in business, didn’t think I’d ever end up a business owner and never formally studied business. I’ve learnt everything I know about business through trial and error, success and failure by living and breathing it every day over the past decade.

I have a real desire to help small business owners grow their business in their own way as I believe that nobody understands your business as well as you do.



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  • Scheduled telephone support
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